Rausch Energía Gastronómica


Better known as ‘R’, this is the Rausch Group’s ‘fast casual’ dining option, located in two of Bogotá’s most important malls: Andino and Parque La Colina. Here, diners can enjoy a varied, and more accessibly-priced menu that retains all of the quality and characteristics synonymous with the Rausch brothers.

Alongside their sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, soups and famous ‘all you can eat’ salad bar, R has an impressive array of desserts that include tasty treats such as raspberry charlotte, pistachio frangipane, the quintessentially Colombian dessert tres leches (made with three different types of cream and caramel) that comes with a Rausch twist and a caramel and coconut millefeuille.


Andino Mall

Carrera 11 # 82-71, local 8, Bogotá

+57 (1) 6107694

Parque La Colina Mall

Cra. 58d #146-51, local 327, Bogotá

+57 (1) 7446045